Cervo Bar

Piazzetta, 07021 Porto Cervo, Costa Smeralda, SS, Italy +390789931630 cervo@sheraton.com


Cervo Bar
The Fancy Social-hub

Cervo Bar is the iconic Bar of the Cervo Hotel. It is a bar that opens in the morning, and stays open until late at night, with live music, a complete menu offering, and with excellent customer service. It is the perfect spot for a light lunch, aperitifs and refreshing cocktail creations. Watch our talented barmen shake and stir delicious cocktails and listen to the sounds of the piano in the background while enjoying our chef ’s exquisite specialties.

A note from us

Kindly be informed that pets are not allowed. Food and beverage from outside sources is not permitted on property. This includes alcohol or soft drinks, delivery containers or coolers containing food and beverage.

The hotel reserves the right to confiscate food and beverage that has not been purchased from the property without prior notice and turn away any type of food and beverage deliveries.


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